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Feature film, 2007, 90 min.

In this English-spoken drama, a man in a suit wakes up in the middle of a desert. Martin has not got a clue where he is or why he is there and the shock is further intensified when he appears to have a freshly sutured wound to his side. When he is seized by panic and starts walking, he meets three other victims who are in the same bizarre boat. Nobody knows what has happened. They do not seem to know one another and suspect each other of kidnapping and illegal organ transplantation. While looking for a way out, their fantasy runs amuck. Could this be a bad dream? A collective case of posttraumatic stress? A monkey's sandwich? And if it is a nightmare, whose dream is it then? Vague memories flash through Martin's head. We see a beautiful blonde woman, the scheming of a shady job and a wrong choice that Martin once made. The characters' bizarre hell in the desert is stylishly visualised and Martin's flashbacks have great dramatic power. Furthermore, the music makes the tension rise high.







Cinematographer - DoP


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