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Robert, Mary en Katrina

Short documentary, 2006, 43 min.

Robert and Mary are an elderly black couple that has been together for over fifty years. However, this is not what distinguishes them from others: they went through hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Before the camera, the two tell in turns about their experiences with the catastrophe. How they waited for the storm with a few of their (grand) children and were confronted with the floods that, owing to one of Robert's bright ideas, they all (including the family dog) survived. How they were saved by members of street gangs. How they were helped from all sides by total strangers, also in getting in touch with their other children, some of whom witnessed the horrors at the Superdome. The funny, moving and sometimes tragic details and the way they are told make the documentary a remarkable portrait of both the close-knit couple and a huge natural disaster.




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