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Feature film, 2002, 87 min.

English spoken thriller brings up a topical issue. Leading character is Claire (Laurien van den Broeck), a teenager living in a fashionable suburb close to an airport. Her mother is a concert pianist, her father a psychiatrist. Claire hardly has any emotional relationship with either of them. One day, she finds a bleeding boy of her age in the shed. He is a young cocaine courier from Afghanistan, shot after services rendered, used as human packaging material. Claire decides to keep the boy to herself and nurses him. He slowly recovers and they fall in love. When things are getting too hot for them, they decide to flee. Chased by rogues, they live their life to the fullest. With Moonlight, Van der Oest wants to make a statement about our modern society. The way people deal with each other and the manner in which the capitalist system treats people who supposedly have no interest or value.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)





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