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Feature film, 2006, 90 min.

Twelve-year-old Don Kerbosch has to hold his own at a mixed-race school in a problem area, after he has been sent off a white stuck-up school. In his new class, he immediately becomes the target of the gang of the four H's: Henri, Hassan, Hiram and Han. They spit at him, harass him and shut him out. Only when Don, a gifted soccer player with leadership qualities, decides he no longer wants to fight but play soccer, the atmosphere gradually reverses. Painstakingly, Don begins to gather a soccer team for the school tournament, where he wants to beat his former bullies from the white school. In the process, Don also recognises the potential of the reticent Milos from Croatia. Apart from friendship, the atmosphere in the schoolyard is a central theme in this film; how the formation of subgroups can have disastrous effects on shy kids who find it hard to join in with their dominant peers. Ilias Adab's contagious raps (plays Hirma in the film), are an appropriate back-up for this theme.

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