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Marokko swingt

Documentary, 2004, 67 min.

The celebrated Moroccan singer Najat Aâtabou gives a master class to four young Moroccan-Dutch singers in Holland. The girls find out that their Arabic background does not automatically give them a command of music in 6/8 time. This confronts them with their 'occidentality'. Aâtabou does not spare the girls. Footage from the master class is interwoven with separate interviews of the five singers, who candidly talk about their upbringing, their attitude to life and about living in two worlds. The energetic star Aâtabou, who shocked all of Morocco twenty years ago with the illegal song 'I'm fed up', shows the places where she grew up. Even in Holland, she is an example of how one can struggle free from a strict rearing. 'My mother used to say: "A woman is like a chicken. She has to be back home before sunset."' Now, her mother sits beside her, smiling.




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