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Black Diamond

Short documentary, 2010, 50 min.

After the abolition of Apartheid in South Africa, the new government implemented an affirmative action policy. This finally gave black residents opportunities on the labour market. Meanwhile, a black middle class has emerged that once grew up in townships like Soweto, but today lives in exclusive residential areas. Vredeveld portrays some of them. Like a well-to-do, internationally operating businesswoman who is an example for young South African women. Or a real estate developer who as a kid still hawked goods calling at houses, but later took over buildings of the Apartheid regime. And finally a successful, assimilated owner of a telecom company who explains how times have changed: 'Discrimination is no longer about black or white, but about whether you're rich or poor.' Vredeveld closely follows these three people and asks them to tell about their stirring past. Vredeveld also made Arme blanken - In het nieuwe Zuid-Afrika, dealing with another effect of affirmative action: whites who have fallen between two stools.





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