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Het echte leven - In Real Life

Feature film, 2008, 87 min.

The young director Martin makes a feature film, the leading parts of which are played by himself and his girlfriend Simone. In the film, she has to start an affair with another man, as a love test. Things go awry when Martin fires the actor and replaces him with Dirk, a crew member without any acting experience.
Martin is happy about choosing an amateur, because it enhances the authenticity of his film. Until Simone falls in love with Dirk. This, by the way, also improves the film. Dirk starts acting better and even Martin's performance is raised to a higher level, because he suffers terribly. By the time Simone has to choose between her two lovers in the film, reality and fiction have become indistinguishable. Only Simone still knows what she is doing. Both men have become bogged down in their self-created swamp. Romantic feature film in which the real and the film world blend seamlessly.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

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