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Esmiralde, zestien jaar in 9 scènes

Short documentary, 2007, 52 min.

Frontally, in profile or even from the back, it does not matter from which angle the camera films her: sixteen-year-old Esmiralde is her unstoppable self in every shot. Sometimes angry, when her mother is late for an appointment again. Frequently cursing and ranting at the world and nobody in particular. Then again concerned with her grandma, with whom she lives, and who has a kidney problem. And then she is elated when her boyfriend calls. Why she is not living with her mother and two brothers, she explains in the beginning. 'My mother did not raise me, my father did not raise me.' In nine short playful scenes, the film penetrates her social environment. All through the film, the camera is extremely close to her. Except in the static, strictly framed images of her living environment: Kraaiennest in the southeast part of Amsterdam. During these 'intervals', she pensively talks about herself and her life in the voice-over.






Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

Production company