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Zombibi - Kill Zombie!

Feature film, 2012, 85 min.

While his bungling brother Mo is sunbathing in the swimming pool, the clumsy Aziz doesn't mind being in the office. After all, he is with Tess, his gorgeous colleague he is madly in love with. But when Aziz is fired through his brother's agency, he is so angry he looks for redress in the swimming pool. By accident, he gets into an argument with the wrong person and ends up in jail with his brother. This is their salvation, because that night a Russian space station collapses on the Netherlands. The city teems with zombies. Together, they fight themselves a way through the undead, not sparing any green splodges of blood. An office flat with a crashed Russian satellite on top is their target, because that is where Aziz thinks he has to save his beautiful colleague.

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