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L' Amour des Moules - Mussels in Love

Documentary, 2012, 80 min.

The mussel lives under water, man lives on land. And yet the similarities between the two are manifold. Because the mussel, too, knows love, eroticism, birth, attachment, puberty and death. In this documentary, beautiful underwater nature shots - from the conception of the mussel to his demise - alternate with portraits of people who have a special relationship with this bivalve mollusc. Most mussels in the Netherlands grow in Noord-Holland, in the Wadden Sea, but fishermen can no longer fish here for environmental reasons. A cockler with a traditional attitude maintains that mussels are food for the future and also ecologically sound and sustainable. But how can he prove this before his company goes bankrupt? Various other storylines also reflect on the relationship, differences and similarities between mussel and man.

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