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Feature film, 2004, 95 min.

The director of the TV series Costa! swapped a summery setting for the wintry decor of the Austrian Sölden region. The Dutch-German co-production is once more a romantic teen comedy (Van Hoeve's favourite genre) and tells the story of nineteen-year-old wallflower Nicky (film début Hanna Verboom), who during a skiing holiday enters into battle with her mean friends Sam and Max, who in snow-covered Tyrol start the chase for boys. At stake is the arrogant macho snowboard teacher Ryan (Daan Schuurmans), who has to bring a date to the popular princess's ball. In a cold-hearted egotistical fight, the hormones rule and Sam and Max grasp their chances. Until Ryan finds late-bloomer Nicky more interesting, because 'the chick' is still a virgin and because his much nicer younger brother Erik (Egbert-Jan Weeber) fancies her. Meanwhile, Nicky threatens to lose her friendship with her literally and figuratively thickest friend Eef and eventually realises that she may have gambled on the wrong Prince Charming.






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