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Dutch Touch

Documentary, 2006, 75 min.

For a year, director Helmer followed three Dutch rappers: Brainpower, Duvel (of Duvelduvel) and Jay Colin. She interviews them, films them at home and on the road and registers shows from the perspective of the band and the audience and backstage, in colour and black-and-white. The rappers talk about the Dutch approach to the originally American music genre, about their engagement with political events in recent years and about the significance of rap music. In the Bijlmer ('a hotbed of pure talent'), Jay Colin teaches young rappers to diss each other. Duvelduvel reacts with acquiescence to the departure of a crew member. Brainpower talks about the effects of his success (a number-1 hit with Dansplaat) and Helmer accompanies him to New York, where he drops in on old acquaintances and makes new studio recordings. This, whereas the American George McCrae, known from the seventies hit Rock Your Baby, travels to Holland to work with Colin. Between times, we also see other Dutch MCs and crews, including Raymtzer and Ali B.




Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

Sound re-recording mixer 

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