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Langer licht

Feature film, 2006, 82 min.

David Lammers' directing debut tells the story of a surly boxing school owner and his self-willed son. Fifteen-year-old Mitchel (Dai Carter) dares his father Lucien (Raymond Thury) at a birthday barbecue to finally face the shared grief they have been repressing for two and a half years. Lucien is so shocked by this confrontation that he flies at his son. Ashamed, he withdraws to his boxing school, where he uses powerful one-liners to prepare his pupils for fights and life: 'Honesty is what it starts with.' In subtle, unemphatic scenes, with an open eye to the urban beauty of a rather disconsolate part of town, director Lammers breathes life into this characterisation, and tells why father and son have grown apart and how their conflicting characters take them into different directions. Whereas the father sees more and more slip through his fingers, the son manages to plot his own path better and better.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)





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