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Documentary, 2007, 87 min.

'We believe in God, so God will reward you', an African patient tells a doctor of the (first) aid centre Kruispost in downtown Amsterdam. The medical centre is available for assistance to people without health insurance - illegal refugees, homeless and addicts - and is run by some eighty volunteers, including students and retired staff members.
This documentary observes the daily routine in the centre. A drifter has his feet taken care of, a junk vainly cries for his mother, an illegal black woman is pregnant unwanted. Some refugees want to obtain a medical certificate to improve their state of residency, but a runny nose is not the best means. An obese Eastern European woman, selectively understanding the Dutch language, is insulted by the advice to lose some weight. There are also patients who try to shirk the minimum individual contribution.
The practice makes grateful use of instruments of the Academic Medical Centre, which would otherwise be shipped to developing countries. 'Foreign aid from home', a staff member calls her job.





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