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That's Life

Documentary, 2008, 60 min.

Five to ten years ago, photographer and filmmaker Sander Veeneman portrayed three children in Mozambique, South Africa and Peru. They should now have grown into young adults. What have they developed into? Have they managed to build up a future for themselves and their family? And what are their dreams for the future? He visits them with a film camera and sometimes as the only data their name and age. Especially the girl from Mozambique is hard to trace. After looking here and there, he finds a young woman, but is she the girl in the photograph? The boy from Peru is not doing so well. His Indian tribe is severely struck by TBC and hepatitis. In South Africa, Veeneman finds out that 'his' boy has become a lively lad who loves sport.
The road movie documentary shows what their everyday lives look like today, the primary perspective being these people's inner strength and not so much the poverty that surrounds them.






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