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Kikkerdril - Frogs & Toads

Feature film, 2009, 70 min.

In this light-hearted road movie, six-year-old Max is ordered by his elder brother Jannes to go look for frogspawn. Because without frogspawn, Jannes threatens him, 'I'll never be able to speak again.' For this mission, Max runs from the hospital, where his brother is recovering from a tonsillectomy, taking along the girl Jesse on his excursion to nature. Max knows the country from stays at his grandma's, who likes to cure sick animals. Max and Jesse travel alone by bus and get a little lost, but this children's film full of funny songs never gets scary. Max and Jesse have all sorts of big and small adventures in pastures and woods during their quest for frogspawn. They imitate the caterpillar's walk, learn how to milk a cow and spot a fox. These adventures put pressure on their budding friendship, but the two buddies solve their differences in a way adults could use as a model: they keep things simple.

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