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Lockerbie Revisited

Short documentary, 2009, 53 min.

On 21 December 1988, a Pan Am airplane was destroyed by a bomb above the Scottish dormitory suburb of Lockerbie, killing 270 people. A massive inquiry followed, which led to a lawsuit held in the Netherlands, but under Scottish law. The Libyan Abdel Bassed Al Megrahi was sentenced for the attack. In the appeal, however, doubts about his part in the assault grow ever further. Allegedly, people rigged the evidence. And questions rise about how the FBI, the CIA and the Scottish police collaborated in solving the biggest terror case ever in Europe. Director Gideon Levy tries to bring clarity to the case and immerses himself in the world of international terrorism control. Soon, he finds himself in a surrealist situation in which the leading involved investigators of the FBI, the Scottish police and the CIA contradict each other. Levy starts to believe more and more that all sorts of things have gone wrong in the investigation of the attack.




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