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Het stenen vlot

Feature film, 2002, 112 min.

Surrealist feature film is a Dutch-Spanish-Portuguese co-production adapted from a novel by the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner José Saramago. The story is based on an old legend set in Spain and Portugal. An earthquake that was not forecast by any seismograph tears the Iberian Peninsula from the European mainland. Slowly, the stone raft floats away, its Spanish and Portuguese occupants thrown into a frenzy. The film, in Portuguese, follows three men, two women and a dog who did receive signs of the impending catastrophe. Unknown forces drive them together and make them form close ties. They decide to travel to the rift, but during their adventurous journey across Spain and Portugal, the island drifts away further and further. An even bigger disaster looms. Among the company, the question rises whether they, as `chosen ones', will also have the power to turn the tide.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf







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