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Vensters op Vermeer - 10 korte verhalen

Short documentary, 2009, 52 min.

Documentary in which contemporary artists, photographers, writers and a philosopher try to find out why Vermeer is still very influential. No more than 36 paintings by Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) are known. It seems his work has only gained force, partly owing to big exhibitions and the book and film Girl with a Pearl Earring. Why does Vermeer still seem so modern? Erwin Olaf and Alain de Botton are two examples of people talking about Vermeer's influence on their work and thoughts. The architect Philip Steadman illustrates his theory that Vermeer used a camera obscura, while director Peter Webber discovered he could not reproduce the paintings with a camera. And Steve McCurry recognises Vermeer in his famous photograph of an Afghan girl. In ten short episodes, they show how Vermeer's working method, choice of subjects, the everyday events pictured and the artist's personal life fascinate and inspire us to this day.





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