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Free Kempi

Short documentary, 2008, 52 min.

It is not so strange that 19-year-old rapper Free Kempi speaks the street lingo, as he was born and raised in the underprivileged Eindhoven area Sterrelaan. In this documentary portrait, he is followed for a year and a half, starting with an acquittal by the court. Subsequently, he seems to be flourishing: he writes new songs that catch on on the Internet, he does gigs, gets a record deal and becomes a father. Ample opportunities to get a nice career going, but will he? For someone who draws inspiration from the seamy sides of life it is not so obvious to break with these social fringes. What is more, the media constantly remind him of his past lapses. Due to his paranoid streak and associated arms possession, he comes into conflict with the law again. Free Kempi offers a revealing and thrilling glimpse into a subculture, where drug abuse, theft and violence are justified by a deep loathing for the establishment.






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