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Mijn vader is een detective: The Battle - My Dad's a Detective:The Battle

Feature film, 2012, 85 min.

We live in a time when everybody wants to be famous. How far will you go to win? This family film is a separate adventure from the series Mijn vader is een detective. We return to Sam, Sterre, Ortwin, Mara and detective Max, who finally manages a little better as a single father. Even his ex Femke starts appreciating him again - although she still thinks his job is dangerous. Especially now that Hadewij, who once ended up in jail by his doings, is looking for revenge. Meanwhile, the boys and their band participate in a TV show for pop talents and, especially owing to the gifted Ortwin, their chances to win grow. But then Ortwin has an argument with a rival who can win the contest, too. Might he be involved in Ortwin?s sudden disappearance shortly before the final?

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