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Feature film, 2012, 83 min.

Partly improvised film shows the life of Moroccan loiterers in a Rotterdam suburb who find refuge in the cafeteria of 50-year-old Turk Ali. They?re around sixteen, destructive and violent, commit car burglaries, deal drugs and turn the neighbourhood into a no-go-area. In confrontations with the police, the gloves are often off. Ali approaches the boys with a mix of Dutch, Turkish and Arab. Abrasive, honest and witty. He understands these blokes very well, but condemns their behaviour. But Ali, who also failed to assimilate when he came to the Netherlands, has his own problems. Due to his gambling addiction, he puts the cafeteria and his family on the line. The film is interlarded with interviews in which actors draw from their personal lives. At times, their tragic and moving life stories offer hope.

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