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Silent Snow

Short documentary, 2011, 71 min.

The white plains of Greenland seem an example of virgin nature. But this is imaginary. The global warming makes the glaciers melt. Moreover, a silent killer is threatening the Inuit community. The pollution on other continents demands its toll here. Via ocean currents and winds, DDT, heavy metals and dioxins end up in the snow and food of the sober Inuit. Their traditional staple, the blubber of the narwhal whale, is currently jeopardizing their fertility and health.
Silent Snow is part of a project focussing attention on the pollution by persistent organic pesticides (POP's). The documentary follows the young Inuit Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann on her journey to the origins of the poison. She travels from Uganda to Asia, including Bhopal, and hence to Central and South America. In these places, she speaks to people who draw attention to the careless use of DDT, the illegal dumping by powerful industries or the unscrupulous exploitation of nature. Pessimism and only very little hope take turns.






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