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De zeemeerman

Feature film, 1996, 111 min.

In order to demonstrate that man is descended from fish, Professor Swezick implanted a fertilised egg in a seal. The healthy baby born form this is found by fishermen and grows up to be a handsome lad with just one problem: his penetrating smell of fish. When Stinkie's adoptive parents die mysteriously and he is thrown out of his house, he leaves for the city. He finds work in a fish factory, the only place where no one minds his stench. Stinkie's sad fate takes a turn for the better when me meets the biology student Julie, who introduces him to her professor, no one less that Professor Swezick. The potion that Professor Swezick gives him against the stink has a side effect: it makes him invisible, allowing Stinkie to get his own back on his enemies.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (13)

Sound re-recording mixer 

Production company