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Kapitein Rob en het geheim van professor Lupardi

Feature film, 2007, 105 min.

Adaptation of the classic cartoons that Pieter Kuhn (1910-1966) drew for the daily Parool since 1945, dealing with the adventures of Captain Rob in his sailing boat De Vrijheid and his faithful dog Skip. Featuring Thijs Römer as Captain Rob, Katja Schuurman as his muse, the weather girl Paula, and Arjan Ederveen as his arch-enemy, Professor Lupardi. Captain Rob gets the assignment to solve the case of a mysterious raid of a gold transport and inexplicable climatic changes. Rob soon finds out that Lupardi is responsible for the hold-up, because he needs the money to buy an ultra-crystal. Lupardi wants this to make a manipulator, with which he can control the climate and therefore the world. Of course, Rob pulls out all stops to prevent this, helped by his faithful assistants, his nephew Stijn, his niece Sandra, Paula and Skip. The form, script and editing betray the underlying comic strip, as do the blown-up characters and cartoonesque dialogues. Awarded a Golden Film in 2007 and a MovieSquad Junior Award in 2008.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)





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