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Feature film, 2002, 93 min.

What drives people to swap partners or go to couples' clubs? Lust, power or love? Without intending to pass judgement, director Brenninkmeyer made a feature film about so-called swingers, people who want to enrich their relationship with this kind of lifestyle. The story is about Diana and Julian, a happily married couple of around thirty. Despite Diana's insecure nature, she decides to agree with Julian's idea to experiment sexually with another couple. They place a notice on the Internet, to which the experienced couple Timo and Alex reacts. The film follows Diana and Julian preparing for the arrival of Alex and Timo, whom they have invited to their house for the weekend. As soon as the nervous Diana is confronted with the self-assured and sexy Alex, her insecurity grows. Timo behaves a little disinterested, in contrast to the boyish Julian. When the sexual adventure starts, however, Timo appears to be less nonchalant than he seems and Diana possesses hidden powers.






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