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Lou Biou-Het feest van de fabelachtige stier - Lou Biou-The Feast of the Furious Bull

Documentary, 2009, 71 min.

Lou Biou is a documentary about courage, identity and the deep seated passion for the wild bull in the French Camargue. Village festivals are impossible without bulls. they are the key to the local culture. Bull breeders, manadiers, identify with their bulls as much as with their own family. Daring young men dressed in white, raseteurs, challenge the bulls during the stunning Course Camarguaise. Speed, timing and courage are required to grab the cocarde from between the bull's horns. The bull is the hero and will never be killed. The raseteur does not know if he will leave the arena alive. When an Algerian raseteur wants to become champion, identities are put to the test.

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