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Feature film, 2007, 107 min.

Three different actresses play Nadine, in various stages of life. Halina Reijn is the young career girl who is unable to commit herself to a man, Sanneke Bos is next, making passionate attempts to yet get pregnant, and Monic Hendrickx, again a little older, is the childless single Nadine who kidnaps the child of Daniël (Fedja van Huêt) from a supermarket. This child abduction is the beginning of the film, which has a flashback structure in which we get thrown back and forth in time. A reviewing voice-over, dubbed by Hendrickx, connects the different periods. Nadine puts the baby in a car and flees to the sunny south, along fantastically gorgeous vistas in Belgium, France and Spain, awash with memories of her relationships, her jobs and her parents. De Bruyn uses varied shots, from close-ups to broad panoramas, staying close to his actors with an often freely moving camera. The result is a probing portrait of the successive life stages of a woman.





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