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Hollands licht

Documentary, 2003, 95 min.

People talk about it as if it exists, but nobody has ever seriously investigated whether it involves truth or myth. The Dutch brothers and filmmakers Pieter-Rim and Maarten de Kroon started a search for the origins and existence of the much-discussed 'Dutch light', which owes its fame especially to seventeenth-century Dutch painting. The filmmakers spoke with lots of experts home and abroad, including artists, art historians, a meteorologist and an astrophysicist, to unravel the myth. Their guideline was a statement by the German artist Joseph Beuys, who claimed that the Dutch light had permanently lost its specific clarity last century due to the reclamation of the 'eye of Holland', the IJsselmeer. Just as many pieces of information as opinions pass in review, but in the end this film primarily deals with one, typically Dutch sense: `Only we have that way of looking.'

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)






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