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Altijd maar dat gezeik

Short documentary, 2008, 15 min.

Thirteen-year-old Luca cannot wait to turn eighteen. Not because she will be free then, but because her divorced parents can finally sort things out for themselves. Director Ester Gould follows Luca when she and her sister spend their holiday with their father. It is obvious that the shared parental duties continually lead to quarrels and frustrations. Unable to communicate with each other directly, the former spouses use Luca and her younger sister as carrier pigeons. And the children are not spared the bitter reproaches the parents heap on one another, either. A sequentially edited series of short quotes in which the parents comment on each other brims with vitriol. While the remarks she constantly has to listen to pass by in a condensed form, Luca lies on a branch, looking up. She knows full well she will never find out which of the two bickering parties speaks the truth. But her parents do not realise this yet.





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Cinematographer - DoP


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