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The Mother of Beauty

Documentary, 2019, 90 min.

IN DEVELOPMENT.. Emmeline Snively was a "Mother of Beauty" for hundreds of international models in the 40's and 50's. Against the rich backdrop of this era, we reconstruct how iconic beauty was created and how it shaped the face of Hollywood. Hollywood in the forties and fifties strongly influenced the way we see beauty nowadays. Marilyn Monroe's first modeling agent created an icon and was her "Mother of Beauty". With the help of unique, newly found archives, we explore how Emmeline perceived beauty and how she implemented it on the models she discovered. After all these years, and even after she passed away in 1972, Miss Snively's philosophy of beauty is still a guide to Emmeline's models and and an entire culture she influenced. Her models are now in their, 80's and are hanging on to their aging beauty and the past that defined them. The Mother of Beauty will attempt to answer a central question: What is the value of beauty?

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