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The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part I: The Moab Story

Feature film, 2003, 125 min.

Epic tells the exciting story of Tulse Luper, whose life is reconstructed on the basis of pieces of evidence from 92 suitcases. The writer and project maker has been 'confined in prisons' all over the world sixteen times. It begins in 1928 during his childhood in Wales, when he is locked up in the coal shed, and it ends in China. Luper's life story runs parallel to the world history, from the discovery of uranium in 1928 through to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the conclusion of the Cold War in 1989. The images in the film are largely made up of a framed foreground, the fictitious story of Tulse Luper, with historical footage in the background. As Luper's reputation grows, the film increasingly emphasises the fictional story. In small separate frames, researchers present their theories on Luper's life. The film is part of an ambitious project in which the public can follow Tulse Luper's complete life in detail through films, a TV series, books, DVDs and a website.

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  • FR - Cannes Film Festival selction






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