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Een bitterzoete verleiding

Short documentary, 2007, 58 min.

In Italy more than thirty years ago, the Kinder Surprise chocolate delicacy started out as a so-called well-balanced extension of Ferrero's mystery-ridden chocolate empire. A chocolate egg that contained more milk than cacao (therefore healthy) and a toy that stimulated creativity. But meanwhile it has developed way beyond a sweet that only children unwrap with shaking hands. In Een bitterzoete verleiding (The Bittersweet Temptation), the bizarre world surrounding the surprise sweet is portrayed. The grown-up collectors, who are willing to travel thousands of miles and spend as many Euros on a new series of toys. The dealer publishing an annual catalogue, courtesy of anonymous tips from within Ferrero. The trade show visitors, desperately looking for that single missing car or lacking instruction leaflet. And the thus far anonymous designer who owes his long-desired recognition to the documentary-maker. Apart from the hype surrounding the surprise sweet, the film provides an disconcerting insight into the human psyche.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





Cinematographer - DoP


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