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Feature film, 2011, 97 min.

A village in the Belgian Ardennes is startled by the kidnapping of the beautiful Dutch movie star Isabelle, who spent her holidays there with her parents. After months of searching, she still has not been found. Slowly, interest wears off. Only Bernard, the village teacher, is obsessed with the abduction.
Nobody suspects Jeanne, the taciturn, disfigured artist who works in the local pub. But she is the one who keeps Isabelle captive in her basement. She starves Isabelle out and paints the decline, as if she wants to destroy beauty. The two women gradually make contact and get to know each other better under these weird circumstances. Jeanne is familiar with aversion and mockery because of her looks. Isabelle reveals shocking details of her life as an attractive film star and consequently manages to win Jeanne's confidence. Psychological thriller, based on Tessa de Loo's novella, presents its own answer to the pertinent question in how far appearance determines one's life.

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