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De Van Waveren Tapes - The Van Waveren Tapes

Documentary, 2012, 87 min.

When Wim van der Aar comes across one Guido van Waveren?s audiotapes in 1996, the filmmaker starts a search for his life story. In the 1970s, Guido, scion of an influential family, recorded over sixty hours of monologues, conversations and phone calls that give a unique insight into his tragic life. From his solitary, bizarre childhood in Heemstede to his further social alienation in Amsterdam, where he lived off the family fortune uneducated and unemployed, in a typically 1970s decor of free love and experimental therapies. The tapes, combined with associative montages, establish a link between Guido?s thoughts and the finder?s search for the underlying truth. Gradually, things become clearer amidst the smoke curtains that Van Waveren grew up among.

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