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De linksbuiten

Short documentary, 2008, 35 min.

Is soccer's left winger a loner, an eccentric, a philosopher or the antichrist? In this documentary, the magic of the outside left is addressed. And who was Holland's best, after all is said and done? Several famous former soccer players comment on this phenomenon and on the mysterious Piet Keizer in particular. Along with Johan Cruijff, Keizer used to form a top duo at Ajax and the national squad. He was the man who had mastered the scissors-like leg motion to perfection and who many feel unjustly stood in Cruijff's shadow. After ending his career in 1974, he disappeared into anonymity. He would never touch a ball again. Illustrated by archive footage, his former colleagues muse about Keizer's distinct style and technique. For all that, it turns out that these men are still quite virtuoso themselves. Their analyses of typically left-wing play are alternated with slow-motion sequences in which they run off with the ball and excel in dexterity. This makes the documentary not only a portrait of the left winger, but also a tribute to the elderly ex-professional.




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