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Figner, the End of a Silent Century

Feature film, 2006, 90 min.

The origin of the sounds is plainly shown. Edgar Figner and his son create added sounds for film productions by Lenfilm Studio's in St. Petersburg. They are the last of their kind. Footsteps, slamming car doors, punches, breaking necks - they are emulated with pieces of broken glass, a boot lid, slabs of meat and cabbage leaves.
The Foley artist is a dying breed, just as Russia is changing inexorably. Figner muses on the eventful history of his family and country. What begins as a documentary almost unnoticeably blends into a series of imagined scenes. Old film fragments are intercut with dream images of Figner and the people around him. Behind the doors in the old house, events come to life that Figner secretly carries within. On the train to Moscow, fellow travellers assume the shapes of key figures from his past. Figner takes things from a suitcase - a medallion, a compass - that bear witness to his memories.





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