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Vlucht uit de hemel

Short documentary, 2003, 50 min.

After a scuffle about a pigeon, thirteen-year-old Johan from Jakarta is sent to a Muslim boarding school elsewhere in Indonesia by his parents. After all, 'someone who has completed Koranic school is respected in society.' The camera follows Johan to the boarding school, attends all classes and rituals and captures how Johan is told that Osama bin Laden is a hero, because he fights the unbelievers. The camera also registers how Johan, crying on a reed border, confesses that he wants to go home. His new teachers' counter-arguments are all in vain. On the day a bomb attack is committed on the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Johan escapes and goes home. Director Leonard Retel Helmrich does not interview, but registers and offers an intriguing inside view of the largest Muslim community in the world.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf




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