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fl. 19,99

Feature film, 1998, 90 min.

It is the year 1999. Reason for a big posh hotel to think of a sales stunt. Couples who like to get married before the turn of the century, can spend their wedding night in the hotel for fl 19,99 only. Soon it turns out that the campaign attracts very different couples. From an unmarried mother who helps an asylum seeker obtaining a residece permit, to a Morrocan couple with problems; from a strictly religious virgin with a patient husband, to two obstinate punks; from an aged couple to a pregnant woman with a man and a dog. In short, a nice cross-section of Dutch society now. The differences between the couples and their chance encounters give the film a, sometimes comic, moving or even a harsh character. fl 19,99 is Mart Dominicus' feature début and is part of the Route 2000 project, four films focusing on the approaching millennium.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (12)

Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

Rigging electrician

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