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Dochters van Malakeh - Daughters of Malakeh

Documentary, 2011, 78 min.

More than 25 years ago, the Iranian Sharog Heshmat Manesh fled to the Netherlands. Now, he returns to his parental home, because his favourite sister Maryam has announced at the age of 45 she has found a suitable husband. Maryam is a very independent woman, with a job and an apartment, who has always taken the family decisions. Her brother has come over to examine the groom and to help formulate the marriage settlement. Maryam wants to get married, but can't live with the idea it will make her inferior to her husband. The film provides a great glimpse of the split Iranian society in the year 2011. Grandma was married off when she was eleven, so Maryam now fights for a divorce clause. But the more independent, the less marriageable, is the rule in this country, where the (Islamic) law still has the last word.

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