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Het sneeuwt vrienden

Short documentary, 2005, 52 min.

A portrait of friendship among residents of the Wagenstraat in The Hague - one of two streets that make up Chinatown. `Welcome in Chinatown', reads a banner above the street, which accommodates, apart from several Chinese restaurants, the Salvation Army, a mosque and the Sterhuis (a crisis centre for people with mental problems). Director Marjoleine Boonstra interviews inhabitants, separate from their environment, spotlit against a black backdrop, but she films them also at home and on the street. Their friendship primarily means help and support. As in the case of Joeri, a Tajik homeless newspaper seller, who helps 93-year-old Maria Bruynis once every three weeks with her heavy groceries. Or Elvis Tcheng, born in Taiwan, who despite his own mental problems takes care of Rachel Gijzendorffen, a single mother with borderline personality. But friendship is not self-evident. 89-year-old Evert van Rooy cared for several friends until their death, but now he is all on his own.




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Cinematographer - DoP


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