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Feature film, 2001, 93 min.

English spoken psychological drama, loosely based on the authentic 'Van Bemmelen case' (a controversial case of euthanasia in The Netherlands in 1983). The film follows the successful art photographer Julius Morlang, who is living in a cottage in Ireland with his young girlfriend Ann. Still visibly shaken by his wife Ellen's recent death, he hears her voice on his answering machine one day. Gradually, the stark truth is unravelled. Flashback snippets reveal how two years earlier in the Netherlands, Morlang idolises his muse Ellen until a celebrated young artist comes into view, how his gallery owner is exasperating him, and how Ellen finally perishes as the result of an incurable disease. Morlang makes a resolute life choice.

won prizes

  • US - New York Tribeca Film Festival selection
  • EG - Cairo International Film festival (2)


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)




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