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Verder dan de maan

Feature film, 2003, 105 min.

Verder dan de maan is the first Dutch feature film that illustrates the far-reaching changes that took place in the Netherlands in the sixties. The film shows the changing world in the year 1969, seen through the eyes of the nine-year-old Catholic girl Caro (Neeltje de Vree's debut), who has a vivid fantasy when it comes to faith. She gets confused when the latest technological developments appear to be incompatible with what the priest and her parents tell her. Caro fails to understand that Jesus allows people to fly to the moon, while His heaven is up there. From her mother, pregnant for the umpteenth time, and her aunt she hears things about divorce and the pill. And her father forbids her to associate with her Protestant friend. The world is complicated. Her mother is far too busy with her large family and her father is unable to help her, because he is an alcoholic. This also worries Caro, because she will shortly make her first Communion and it matters everything to her that the party will work out nicely. Caro makes her father promise her he will stop drinking. In return, she promises him to overcome her fear of swimming.







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