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Life @ Lowlands

Documentary film, 2013, 80 min.

The Dutch music festival Lowlands Paradise is considered the mother of all eclectic rock and culture festivals that are popping up around the globe today. In five days 55.000 people build a community in the Lowlands 'ecosystem'. Life@Lowlands is filmed by five crews during the hottest edition ever. A biologist observes the mass as though it were a herd but loses himself amongst the partying crowd. Some young 'antelopes' visit for the first time having a hard time finding their way. Veterans arrive for the 19th time and question if they are too old. The film immerses the viewer in the festival atmosphere with a compelling mix of images and music.





Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP (5)


Sound designer

Sound editor

Location sound recordist (5)


Production company

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