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My Long Distance Friend

Documentary, 2011, 73 min.

As a child, filmmaker Molier lived in various places in the world. Once she had settled on Dutch soil, she always kept feeling displaced. This feeling flared up again when she met the beautiful Og from Zimbabwe, who traverses the world as a nomad. While Og is club hopping from Bangkok to Vienna, the two women stay in touch. Sometimes on Skype, at other times live. Og claims she feels at home anywhere: 'My roots are in myself. I take my roots with me, wherever I go.' But behind this happy-go-lucky adventuress, an uprooted woman and mother hides. Is Og a cosmopolitan or a lost soul' We follow her across several continents, looking for her roots and trying to strengthen the ties with her daughter. As Molier finds out more and more about O's background and feelings, she finds connections with her own life. Molier, in the voice-over: 'What does she want from me, and what do I want from her?' A personal documentary about displacement and the quest for alliance in an ever complex world.

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