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Staatsinrichting 3/13 UIP R.T.

Short documentary, 1999, 50 min.

Short documentary about the 3/13 UIP R.T. penitenary in the republic of Tadzjikistan where more than half the female prisoners are innocent. Filmmaker Elsbeth Dijkstra filmed the women and tells their story. The way they have subjected themselves to the punishment meted out to their sons from maternal love or saved a husband from prison because he promised to look after the family for the rest of his life. The crimes are hardly proportionate to the punishment. A year for stealing a dressing gown, while stealing a cow is punished by three years. The director of the prison is also interviewed. Her policy is aimed at re-educating the women as if they were her own children. Moralistic poems on the walls serve to make the women repent. The women however prefer to place their hope in a new law that offers an amnesty for those with short sentences and mothers with children.




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