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Jaar één - Alan Reeve na dertig jaar opsluiting.

Documentary, 1993, 91 min.

Documentary in which the Englishman Alan Reeve is followed in the first year after his release from a Dutch jail. At the age of 15, Reeve killed a fellow teenager. He was deemed of diminished responsibility and locked up for an indefinite period in Broadmoor Special Hospital.
In the course of time, he became politically active. He studied politics, developed a communist view on society and denounced various abuses at Broadmoor. In 1980 Reeve escaped from Broadmoor and fled to Amsterdam. In Holland he was again jailed, this time for killing a policeman, and made a name for himself inside. He was advisor to many fellow prisoners and won various appeals about his treatment. Then after no less that thirty years behind bars, Reeve was released. Joost Seelen shows how, in his first year of freedom, he tried to build a new life for himself and fight a legal battle against extradition to the U.K.






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