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Feature film, 2020, 90 min.

Release date: 26 January 2020 (Goteborg Film Festival). Claire (12), a shy girl, spends the holidays in Morocco with her older sister Zoe (15) and her mother Sophie (40). You live in a hotel outside of Tangier. Sophie spends her days by the pool, showing minimal interest in her daughters.
At the beginning, Claire clings to her older sister Zoe, who takes her to several activities. But when Zoe falls in love with Mikael, a boy of her age, Claire is on her own.

On the beach, Claire makes friends with a young Senegalese beach vendor named Amram. During a childish game, she promises Amram to help him reach Europe. A promise that is hard to break given their deepening relationship. When the family decides to take a day trip to Gibraltar, Claire hides Amram in her boat. She desperately hopes for a future together.

Claire's journey into adulthood is paired with Amrams yearning for a better life in Europe. Their relationship occurs against the background of socio-political problems and the difficult situation of North African immigrants.







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NL films Berlin EFM market 2020