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C'est déjà l'été

Feature film, 2010, 84 min.

Teenager Eric lives with his father Jean, his teen sister Marie and her baby. His father is unemployed and takes the best part of his benefit straight to the pub. If Marie does not hang around at home, she tries to go out as much as possible with friends, who drink heavily and do drugs. Eric also prefers to spend his days with friends. They ride around on scooters and get into all sorts of mischief. His teacher makes frantic efforts to keep the boy somewhat to the straight and narrow. The film is shot in documentary style. The cast largely consists of non-professional actors playing themselves. This is quite obvious in the pub, where the evening - probably like every evening - ends in boisterous sentimentality. Director Martijn Maria Smits does not conceal the nastiness of the people and their surroundings, the dilapidated steel mill, the shabby houses, but shows them sincerely and in all their humanity.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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