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Lang Televisie Drama, 2006, 50 min.

Drama series about the tough life of a circus family that sees the company gradually and inevitably go to pieces. Director Norbert ter Hall made the TV series with the help of a super cast: Aart Staartjes plays the tyrannical father Willy Waltz, who despite his brain tumour refuses to relinquish management. Theo Maassen is his eldest son Bruno, whose homosexuality obstructs an obvious succession, Barry Atsma is the second son Felix, a failure in Willy's eyes, and Koen Wouterse plays the Benjamin Enrico, still a knockabout. With Willy's ex-wife Mimi (Marja Kok), his fiancée Olga (Olg Louzgina), Felix' wife and children, Enrico's girlfriend and a mess of second-rate artists and cheerless animals, the Great International World Circus Waltz makes a tour, performing before an ever diminishing audience. After every botched show, the relationships get more and more on edge.





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